Published - Bead Trends Magazine July 2013

I dolled my Charmed Brass Book Necklaces up a bit and got them published in the Bead Trends July 2013 issue.  You won't find it in print though, Bead Trends is no longer going to be published because Northridge Publications will be putting all of its focus and energy back to scrapbooking and memory making.  This issue is only available digitally.  

If you are interested in the first charmed book featured here, I have an Etsy listing here.  The other two are not listed, but if you are interested, just email me (ispywithmycraftyeyes@live.com) or message me on Etsy. 
I also have some of these charms listed in the components section of my shop.  (2 for $6)
Thanks for having a peek at the stuff I make.