Mixed Media Toe Nails?

Okay, so please tell me if this is carrying mixed media too far.  I just could not bare the look of plain white French manicure nails.  They are just not me.  So I had to dress them up a bit.  I did details on my toes since I am not ambidextrous enough to accomplish the task on my fingernails. 

I added white nail polish for the tips, coated with a layer of clear coat, then added details in black acrylic paint and white gel pen.  It all took well and did not smear when i added clear topcoat to seal it up.  Fun!

Please note that my little toe did not make it into the picture because it sticks up.  I mean it.  I have freaky pinky toes.  Don't judge me!  I didn't make you look at them.  Just imagine a perfect pinky toe to the right and pretend I didn't say anything.