New Project!!!!! Owl Flower

I am currently working on another owl project.  I just finished a couple of commissioned pieces for a friend and that got me in the mood to try something a little more tedious and time consuming - and ultimately more rewarding.  So I got out an original sketch and my light projector and went to work.  Here are a few pictures of the progress I have made.

It's an owl flower, or mandala, or whatever.  Hubby says I draw a lot of circles.  I guess it's true.  I love to make these flower drawings, they look to me like figures gathering, dancing, around one center, one goal, one fire, one story.  Maybe they are getting ready to sing their heart songs. 

I will update when I have made more progress.  I plan on loading a few extra photos onto my Flickr photostream, so check it out if you wanto to see more. 


Lark Book Review by Lorena Angulo (and Giveaway!)

One of my favorite jewelry making artists is having a giveaway of two excellent books on metal jewelry making.  Stop by her blog for a chance to win!!!!

If you are looking into a hobby or career of jewelry making, I suggest you stop by Lorena's blog and have a looksy.  She reviews the following books in the Lark catalogue.  Since she already owns two of the books Lark sent her to review, she will be giving away the copies of those that she received. 


Please go to Lorena's blog post for more details.  There you can comment for a chance to win. 

Love handmade jewelry?  Lorena makes the most beautiful jewelry inspired by Mexican culture and folklore.  Check out her Flickr photostream and Etsy shop!


Mixed Media Toe Nails?

Okay, so please tell me if this is carrying mixed media too far.  I just could not bare the look of plain white French manicure nails.  They are just not me.  So I had to dress them up a bit.  I did details on my toes since I am not ambidextrous enough to accomplish the task on my fingernails. 

I added white nail polish for the tips, coated with a layer of clear coat, then added details in black acrylic paint and white gel pen.  It all took well and did not smear when i added clear topcoat to seal it up.  Fun!

Please note that my little toe did not make it into the picture because it sticks up.  I mean it.  I have freaky pinky toes.  Don't judge me!  I didn't make you look at them.  Just imagine a perfect pinky toe to the right and pretend I didn't say anything. 


Macro Photos for Etsy Packaging

I am working on getting my Etsy shop going, and I have been making tags and preparing kits for sale.  I have a couple of sets of macro shots that I print out and use for packaging my art kits, and I will also probably sell ATC sets of them as well.  Here are a couple of my faves.

And here is a picture of the tags I am working on for my deluxe bead making kits. 

The top circle is made from ShrinkyDinks, and the second from Sculpey original clay.  So, what do you think?