My Art Room Light

I found a really cool birdcage in the thrift store a few months back.  I knew I wanted it somewhere in my art room, but had no idea what to do with it until I saw some really cool photos on Pinterest.  Here's what I found.....

So of course I fell in love with the idea of turning a birdcage into a light and had to have one myself.  I bought some lights at Hobby Lobby, painted my birdcage pink, and wired the lights inside.  I wanted bright white light and did not notice when I got these that they are color changing lights, but now I really like the green and blue of these lights.  The pink paint I used is Rust-oleum American Accents Gloss Berry Pink; I got it at K-Mart.

I also put a pegboard up in my room yesterday. 

When I get my desk cleaned off again I will post a picture of the whole room.  I think I have figured out what to do with my sewing desk now as well, so I hope to have it done before Grayson gets here.  My baby boy will be born in 8 days!!!!  So it may be a while before I post again.