On My Table

This is how my work table looked last night.  I ordered some lovely things from Amazon and received part of my order yesterday, so they are on my desk along with my current WIP.

Here's a breakdown for you:

My first gouache set.  I haven't had enough time with these yet, but I do love them so far.  I wish I had the 20 color set.  

2.  Sweet tea.  Always by my side.  

3.  Messy water cup.  I like using glass jars for my water; they look so pretty and messy with streaks of color running down the side.

4.  An upcycle project for my daughter's room.  She is such a princess.  The bright beautiful colors are Dye-Na-Flow colors (yes they are made for fabric, but work well on many surfaces). 

5.  Palette - Master's Touch Plastic Folding Palette.  Filled with Koi watercolors.

6.  Brush - Master's Touch 20/0 Liner from the 5 piece white taklon set.  One day I might invest in some higher quality brushes, like maybe when I learn not to leave them soaking in water all night long.

7.  Remote control for the TV/cable.  Tuesday night is Face Off night, and I own the remote at 8 PM!!!

8.  My sorry excuse for a phone.  One day I might get a better one.  I dropped the two decent ones I had and ruined the speakers on both.  

9.  My new Koi Tube Watercolors.  I got the 18 tube set.  I am in love with these and I just got them yesterday.  I had the 24 pan field sketch box, but found it frustrating to activate the colors in those little pans.  And since I never go out to sketch I gave those to my daughter and ordered the tubes.

10.  Stephanie Corfee's Creative Doodling & Beyond.  I ordered this with my Koi watercolors.  If you like to doodle and seek inspiration, I would definitely recommend this book.  I love Stephanie's art (see more if it here) so I had to get a copy of this.  I got it last night and after about 10 flip-throughs and reading 1/3 of this I can see already that I will really enjoy the projects in this book and will keep it around for inspiration for years to come.  I love it!!!


Around My Studio

Working on some prints from my lino cuts.  I may do a show soon.  It's hard to get enough stock made to do a show when I have two little ones under my feet for most of the day.  But maybe......

Here are the prints.  I laid both of my linos out on a towel and printed them at the same time.

 Here they are cut and ready to package.