On My Table - Messy Painting with Kids and Silks

My daughter has been asking for a couple of days to paint, and yesterday was our first opportunity so I broke out all the kids' paints and let them at it.  They had a great time, Lula ended up with half of her paint on her shirt and skirt, and Grayson had his hands and arms covered.  Nothing a quick bubble bath couldn't fix though.  That's why we use washable and watercolor paints!  Aren't they so cute!?!?!?!

March the first was my birthday, and my sweet darling sis-in-law got me a card to Hobby Lobby.  This was the first "me money" I have had in a while that didn't end up going to bills, so I had a blast with it.  I wanted to get some Vintaj metal patinas to go on my metal clay jewelry, but the only ones they had in stock that I liked were in really rough shape.  I ended up with a single black one that I really like (and might review on my other blog), then I wandered around until I stumbled across some sale items in the scrapbooking section.  They had some Twinkling H2Os and  Silks Acrylic Glaze marked down, and I just had to grab them up.  I ended up with the Summer Fun Set of the H2Os, and the Mardi Gras and Tropical sets of Silks.

I have been dying to use them, so I broke them out yesterday for a project I plan to submit as an article.  Here's a sneak peek.  

I really like the Silks a lot, they are vibrant, shimmering, and thin.  Perfect for a solid or mixed wash for a background.  I plan on doodling on these little circles in black and white ink.  I used all three colors from the Mardi Gras pack, and the pink Plumeria from the Tropical pack.

This is definitely a purchase I would make again.  I can't wait to experiment a bit more with these.  Have you been playing around with any new supplies?

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