My Art Nest in Progress

Well, here she sits in my yard., all 8x8' of her.  At last!  I have been waiting for this for two months now, and finally this is mine!  You might be able to tell from the pictures that she is facing the back of my yard.  This was just by happenstance.  The person who moved my art nest went in behind it to pick it up, so she was put in my yard backward.  It is a lucky accident though, because this allows the door of my building to be in the shade most of the day.  This means less heat will build up inside.  I do have a window a/c unit in case the temperature climbs anyway.  Please forgive the quality of some of these pictures, they were taken mainly with my smart phone.

This is what you see from the side of my house, and I think this will be perfect to plant shrubs around and easy to make pretty.  Hubs and our friend/cousin David put some shutters up for me.  They also jacked the building up and straightened and leveled it.

Just peeking inside it really doesn't look like much.  But this gal has been making art and jewelry on her dining room table and storing art supplies in the laundry room under piles of clothes.  So this is a beautiful site to me.

Here she is all bare and beautiful.  I had to take these two built in tables out, and I decided to paint the inside white.  Check this post out to see my inspiration.  I don't have a sprayer and a large roller won't work, so I have been painting this with a small roller and a wide brush.

Here's the progress after a few hours.  I love how bright the white makes the room look.  

Oh that pesky ceiling!!!!!!

And here is one corner with two coats of paint covering it.  Lovely!!!!!  I can't wait to get all this done, get my floor painted, and move my furniture in!!!!   BTW, I also have a light and 16 (wow!) outlets in this building, so I should be good to go with my equipment.  Nice to know I won't have to move everything around to plug stuff in.  


Art and Jewelry Building

A few years ago my art room was turned into a music room for my husband and my art area moved into the dining room.  After my second child was born I decided to pack my art stuff up and put it in the laundry room and made a small sewing space in my bedroom.  I miss my art space, and now with my kiln I really need a space dedicated just for art and jewelry making.  So when hubby's friend offered his building for sale we jumped at the opportunity.  It's a tiny 8x8 building, but it is wired and has an ac unit.  It should be just what I need for making my jewelry and storing most of my supplies (except for my paint, Sculpey, and other items that might be damaged by the temperature variance).  Here it is in our friend's yard, ready to be moved to my place.

She'll have to be moved and painted.  I'm thinking off white with a red door to match the house, then I can do whatever I want inside (which will mean lots of teal, turquoise, hot pink, and citron).  The building is set to be moved Tuesday, and I will keep you guys posted on how the move goes.


Update - GreenCraft and Art Space!!!!

This month I have an article featured in GreenCraft magazine Summer 2014!  It's all about how to make hanging file folders from old book covers.  

Here's a shot I took on my own of these folders.

I also have a wonderful surprise coming my way - an 8' x 8' wooden shed all for my art!  I'll be moving some of my furniture in there and a lot of art and decor, like the pieces you see below.  See that little teal owl with citron eyes?  I found that little guy in a thrift store several years ago and he has been responsible for the crazy color combination you see here.  Thanks little owl!  I can't wait to spread my wings in this little room.  

When the ground dries a bit we will have it moved out.  Then I want to paint it white on the inside like the following rooms.

And I am thinking about doing the floors gray with a white stencil on top.  I can't wait for my building, my art is scattered around the house and I makes my brain feel so scattered!  Maybe I can get it together if I get my art in one place!