Eye Mandala Inking

So I have been working a lot on my eye mandala drawing, and I thought I would share the progress.  I love working on these mandalas because they take time to finish, so the final reveal is something special to me.  I am about a week away from that mainly because I have to work on it after my two-year-old Lula goes to bed - she wants me to hold her every time I pick this drawing up. 

Here are a couple pictures of the outline work completed.

Outlining is probably the most tedious part.  Once done I get to go on auto pilot and color everything in.  This inking process is very relaxing and satisfying to me.  I just love working on a drawing at this stage.  I have a bit of the inking done, as you can see in the following picture.

I am very happy with the way it is looking so far.  What do you think?

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