Files and Journal Organized

With all the organizing going on around here I thought I would organize my office papers.  I had all kinds of papers just piled up and crammed in the shelf that now houses my important studio tools and supplies.  So they had to go somewhere.  I now have a filing system going for all my papers, like hubby's JoonBuggy shop, my future I Spy shop, my poems and songs, my novel notes (yes, one day I plan to write a novel - with my sister), short story notes, sketches, photography, and so on.  Here's a peek into my file folder.

Wow, it's so organized I almost don't believe it's mine.  I also had lots of scraps of short poems, little doodles, and word and craft ideas and inspirations that needed to go into my journal.  I cut them all out and taped them down or just wrote them into my journal.  I got several pages done, but here are four of my favorites.


  1. Glad to hear that your files are well-organized! Isn't it much easier to work when everything is in order? Organizing your papers even made you realize how many poems, drawings and craft ideas you have. I hope you'd be able to maintain your space organized.

    -Ruby Badcoe @ WilliamsDataManagement

  2. Thank you Ruby! I have managed to keep them organized, for the most part, and it really helps me any time I need to find a poem or article idea. ;)