Christmas Present - Beads Organized

Hubby and I received some gifts from the church he pastors (the church has been so loving, welcoming, and generous).  I was very happy to see this organizer in my bag - the ladies who picked everything out know I like to be crafty and make jewelry.  It is a shoulder tote with four organizers inside by Creative Options.

So I spent two days organizing my beads, ignoring the mounds of laundry and dishes that I knew I should probably take care of.  I just sorted beads and moved them from the tackle boxes I had them in to these awesome organizers.  What I like most about the organizers is that I can flip them upside down and my beads don't mix up.  I did have to take some the itty bitty ones out (mostly stone chips) to make sure this did not happen, but even E beads are safe and stay where I put them.  Here's a picture of the containers filled with my beads.

All four fit neatly inside the shoulder tote, and there are also front and side pockets to store my tools.  And I am ready to go with my beads any time I want....that is if I don't mind carrying 10 pounds of beads around with me.  That's right, the whole kit and caboodle weighs a total of 10 lbs. 

I am so excited about this bag, and having at least one small corner of my life incredibly organized.  Now I have to get one to fit all my metal components and wire into!!!!!  Here's a shot of the same bag I found at www.stuff4crafts .com.  It doesn't look quite so bluish in person. 


  1. What a thoughtful and wonderful gift! I can see why the laundry had to wait!

  2. Definitely, seeing my beads organized is much more rewarding to me than getting laundry done, lol.