New Pens!!!! - Koh-i-noor Rapidograph Set

Wow guys, I am super excited!!!!  Hubby is pastor at a local church called Faith Tabernacle, and we celebrated pastor appreciation Sunday.  We had a guest speaker (Brother Thrasher) and a nice dinner.  The church not only gave hubby a love offering, but me one as well.  And do they know me or what?  They got me a Hobby Lobby gift card!  I was so touched I cried.  They knew I love to make jewelry, but I decided to use the card on something I have wanted for a while but have not had the extra money to invest in - a set of Koh-i-noor Rapidograph pens.  There happened to be a 40% off coupon running this week, so I did not have to wait long at all to get this set of wonderful pens.

I read online for a couple of days to make sure this was really what I wanted.  After reading about 100 reviews I found there was basically two types of people - those who love Rapidograph pens, and those who hate them.  Really.  Here is a basic set of complaints:  the pens are hard to fill, the nibs break too easily, the pens clog easily and when they do the pen is ruined, too expensive, the components are too fragile.  But most people who enjoy the pens have used them for years and have found with proper care and maintenance the pens can last for years.  One reviewer had a set of pens for nearly 30 years!  Basically if you clean your pens often, use them regularly or clean the ink out of them between uses, don't draw too hard with them (they require only a light hand), and don't shake them, they will last for a long time. 

I read reviews and watched videos of people using the pens.  I also did a Google search and a Flickr search of illustrations and drawings done with Rapidograph pens.  By the time I went Tuesday to pick them up I was practically drooling!!!!! 

I got them home, opened them, scanned over the directions, and started filling.  I found that could not get the reservoir off the pen.  I tried but couldn't open any of them.  I reread the instructions and they said to remove the reservoir with a "slight twist."  I tugged and strained for a moment, then went back to the instructions.  Duh!!!!  I had really just glanced at the pictures - which are in black and white.   I was forgetting to unscrew the colored clamp ring from the holder.  So simple once I figured that out.

I got my pens filled and started doodling.  Here is an illustration I did with the .25 and .50 sizes.

And one I did using just the .30 size.

I love how much detail I can get with these pens.  So far the performance is far superior to any of the pigment liners I have tried.  The line width is consistent, and the ink flows easily.  My pen set came with Trans-Mix Media Brilliant Ink which I like, but I would like to try Koh-i-noor's india ink as well. 

One thing I did not find was a close up of the tips or nibs of these pens.  So I thought I would post one of the smallest and one of the largest tips.  Click on these pictures for a full view.

Wow, so far these pens are awesome!!!!  One thing I did notice is that one of my pens leaked a bit.  It was the one I used the most yesterday, but I also notice that the clamp ring was loose.  I cleaned it and tightened the clamp ring.  I will keep you guys posted on these pens and their performance.  


  1. WOW these pens look amazing - as do your drawings! I hope you are one of the group that loves the pens... am interested in hearing about them, as right now, I would love to put them on my wish list!

  2. Huge congratulations on your new set of Rapidograph pens!!! I *love* them!! Love them so much and have used them for about 23 years now. I've tried them all and I ALWAYS have gone back to the Koh-I-Noor brand pens. You can be happy you made a great investment!

    Enjoy drawing with the pens! They are quite addictive for lack of a better word. The more you use them, the more you want to, and the greater the detail you want to achieve with them! Oh well, maybe that is just me, but you will discover your own tendencies with them I am sure of it!

    Your drawings are lovely! You will have so much fun with these pens. Once the line is down on paper, they play well with watercolor and liquid ink washes too.

    I did a blog post on how to clean them. Of course you have probably red 50 such posts, but if you would like to see mine, the link is in my blog sidebar under "Posts of Note" called "clean your rapidograph".

    Well, ENJOY! Have fun and I am very happy for you and your new toy!! :)

  3. Hi there Kathy, I actually have read about 50 or so post on how to clean them, and your was one of them. Your posts on the pens lead me to your blog, and helped me with my final decision to purchase the pens. Thanks! I love your blog and illustrations!!!! And you are right, these pens really are addictive. Thanks for your comment!

  4. Those pens are awesome. Isn't it funny how happy we get about pens - and art supplies too. I get more excited over art supplies then buying clothes. I'm also thrilled when I get an art supply catalog in the mail


  5. It's the little things, right? I was so giddy when I bought these pens.