New Project!!!!! Owl Flower

I am currently working on another owl project.  I just finished a couple of commissioned pieces for a friend and that got me in the mood to try something a little more tedious and time consuming - and ultimately more rewarding.  So I got out an original sketch and my light projector and went to work.  Here are a few pictures of the progress I have made.

It's an owl flower, or mandala, or whatever.  Hubby says I draw a lot of circles.  I guess it's true.  I love to make these flower drawings, they look to me like figures gathering, dancing, around one center, one goal, one fire, one story.  Maybe they are getting ready to sing their heart songs. 

I will update when I have made more progress.  I plan on loading a few extra photos onto my Flickr photostream, so check it out if you wanto to see more. 

1 comment:

  1. Love the owl flower. I'm a bit obsessed with owls, and this pattern is so intricate. It would look great on so many things! xx